Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 World Thinking Day for Brownies

In Girl Scouts we all celebrate World Thinking Day on Feb. 22 every year. This is a way that Girl Scouts/Guides all over the world can feel connected. With this being our troops first year, we decided to skip our council's awesome party to celebrate, and opted to have a smaller party with just our Brownies. A few weeks prior we had the girls vote on 3 countries to learn about, and they picked Mexico, Ireland, and Germany. So I printed out these great little passport pages about each country for each girl, found neat rainbow books in the Dollar Spot at Target, planned a craft/activity for each, and had a food from each country.

We started our journey on the globe and headed to Ireland!

The passport in the rainbow book.

The girls made shamrock wands by gluing a foam glittery shamrock from the dollar store to a green colored popsicle stick. To snack on, I found these malted candies, and an Irish cheese for the girls to try.

Next stop was Mexico! The girls made maracas out of plastic Easter eggs, rice, and 2 plastic spoons duct taped to the sides of the egg. Clearly all the girls had a blast making music when they were done.  They tried Arcoiris cookies and all loved it!

And our last stop was Germany!

The girls tried this fun German Chocolate bar.

I made each girl a German Schultüte, a traditional first day of school treat filled with new school supplies. 

The girls all had so much fun that they asked if I could do 1 country per month for the rest of the year.


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