Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!

Again, I know I'm a bit behind.  The kids and I celebrated ourselves on the actual day, but had a party with our friends the next day.  We went as a family to the local parade last Saturday.  It was great, but freezing cold.  Adam and I were starting to worry that the kids would get frostbite on their little fingers. But they were troopers and insisted on staying to see them dye the river green.

On March 17, the kids and I dressed in our finest green!  We had made a leprechaun trap the night before. The kids designed it themselves, and Adam and I helped complete it. Inside we had a small block bed, some gold candy, and a bowl of Lucky Charms. Well that little stinker got in, upturned everything, and got away leaving glittery green tracks behind for the kids to find in the morning. We did some rainbow worksheets, and then headed out for a special lunch.  I got a Shamrock shake for the kids to share.  They LOVE it, just like I do. And then, because it was unusually warm (70's), I took them to the park to run off some of the winter blues.  We also took a trip to our local library because they had a special rainbow mobile craft for the kids to do that day. At home I had corned beef, cabbage, and carrots cooking in the slow cooker.  For dessert I made Guinness cupcakes, and shamrock sugar cookies.

For the party, I had the kids make a shamrock out of green hearts.  I gave each child a piece of white paper, 3 green hearts, and a small rectangle, and let them glue them down.  For the other craft, each child received a half sheet green piece of paper, a black pot cut out, and a bowl of Kix cereal.  They glued it all together to make a pot of gold.  For snacks we had a fruit rainbow, green jello, kiwi, cookies, Lucky Charms, and green juice.  They had a blast and because it was in the late afternoon, was a great way to end the week.

Books we read:
The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever by Teddy Slater
Hooray for St. Patrick's Day! by Joan Holub
It's St. Patrick's Day by Rebecca Gomez
St. Patrick's Day Countdown by Salina Yoon


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