Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Party!

Sorry this is a week late, but it has been a very busy March for us over here!!! The mom's group had their party on March 15th at the library this year. We were expecting tons of kids so I made sure everything was very simple. We read just a few stories, did only 1 craft, and had tons of yummy food!  We had 25 kids age 3 and up, and then 14 kids 2 and under coming so treat bags were interesting. For the little ones I put a handful of banana puffs in a snack bag, and then added Caramel .  The older kids each got a little treat bag. Inside each bag was a themed pencil, themed ring, piece of gold chocolate coin, 2 stickers, and a handmade scratch-off. This was all placed inside a cellophane bag, tied with a piece of gold yarn. I then made a small pot of gold our of black construction paper and wrote names on them with either yellow or white crayon. They turned out very cute!

For the craft we made leprechaun men. It was inspired by this craft by AllKidsNetwork!

Supplies needed:
paper plate
orange paint
paint brush
green construction paper
black construction paper
yellow construction paper
glue stick

I started by painting an orange "beard" all the way around the bottom side of the plate along the outer ring. I went ahead and did this the day before since we can't have paint inside the library. I also cut a hat shape out of the green construction paper. Next up where black strips and a yellow  buckle out of construction paper. That way, at the party, the kids just glued all their pieces together, and then drew on faces.

Waiting for story time, in all their green!
 D making her little guy. He ended up looking evil with red teeth. Very scary!

 Friends all lined up and happy to wear green!!!


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