Monday, July 20, 2015

Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek Michigan

If you hadn't been able to figure out yet, we LOVE going to zoos, especially ones that are new to us. I had heard about this park years ago, and finally decided it was time to try it. We called up our best friends and loaded up in their van for an adventure! This time we were headed for Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek Michigan. We had to postpone our trip a day due to weather but we happily piled into the car first thing in the morning. The friends we went with have been our best friends/adventure buddies now for about 7 years, so travel is always easy. (other than fighting about who sits where in the van and which movie to watch)  Like we normally do as well, we pack a bunch of snacks, water, and a lunch to have mid day.

 We had made sure to pack sunscreen and ended up not needing it. The entire zoo is fully shaded by tons of wonderful trees. What we DID need and neither brought was bug spray. (next time!) Right away there were a bunch of fun things to have pictures with like a dodo bird or a giant ant!

 We decided to start by taking the tram to the Wild Africa section. We were thrilled at the set-up! It was as if we had really taken a tram to the Savannah. There was a customs hut, amazingly decorated areas, a fun walk path where you stumbled across elephant bones poachers left behind, a ranger station and training grounds, and the equipment building. I think that all the kids learned a few new things along the way, and the moms got a kick out of all the details.

 Had to feed the giraffes again!

Once we were done and had taken the tram back from Africa, it was lunch time. Luckily there were a few picnic tables right across where we had parked. So we grabbed our lunches and had a lovely little picnic. Afterwards, we headed into a little nature center. The kids got to explore different animal sounds, small reptiles, hang out in the roots of a large "tree", and run away from a giant life size elephant!

Then it was off to the domestic type animals. Again, things to sit on and get pictures with. There was also a goat petting zoo, where L got a kick out of the fact one tried to eat his shirt.

The only thing that I didn't exactly get was they had giant dinos in the domestic section. Odd, but very neat!

 (they actually fought over who got to sit on the nose of this non-moving not real dino)

Overall it was a great day, and the 1 3/4 hours flew by! I don't think we will go back multiple times a year or even every year, but we will go back.


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