Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A fun filled Saturday

We started out a fun Saturday with The History Museum and Kidsfirst Digs! They put on a great family friendly program. Crafts, info, and a real dig site across the street!

 Then our next stop was Comic Con at the Mishawaka Public Library! There were tons of fun events all day long, and people were encouraged to come in costume. My kids picked Ash and Misty from Pokemon. During the week I was able to make their costumes, hand stitch their own Pokemon, and paint pokeballs before the big day.

While at the library they were able to make masks,

 take pictures with others in costume,
 meet a dalek and K-9,

 pose for pictures,

 and compete in the costume contest. D won 2nd place in the kid's division. She happily got the Pokemon basket!


Jessica Nunemaker said...

That really IS a fun filled Saturday! Wow, does that look like a great library program! The youngest took his pic with Spiderman this morning, so he was pretty thrilled. :)

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

We really have great libraries up here. They all have amazing programs all year long and even for the teens!

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