Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paddlefest 2015

Adam had heard about a local Paddlefest taking place at a county park. We were interested in going, and noticed they had a kid's race. For $10, both kids were signed up! They both got a great t-shirt, and raced in a pond around a buoy and back in a kayak. Both did a great job and actually with their times, both came in 1st for their age groups. We all really enjoyed watching the other races taking place there as well, and Adam is really excited to take place in one next year himself. 

 On our way home, we drove past a British car show. Of course we had to stop (my dad would be proud of me). The kids even got a kick out of all the different types of cars, and one even let them get inside. It was so tiny, that D fit in it perfectly!

And as we were leaving we were greeted by the wonderful sounds from this guy!


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