Thursday, July 2, 2015

D turned 8

My sweet little baby girl is growing up quickly. She is now a very precocious, creative, loving 8 year old girl going into 3rd grade. When did that happen? She had visual art camp the morning of her birthday. We always let the kids choose an activity and a place to eat at for their special day and this not so little girl picked going to the mall and Applebee's. I think she thinks she is a teen. It worked out well because one of her gifts was to go to Build-a-Bear. A few years back she got to make a Rainbow Dash for her gift. Ever since then she has hounded me to go back and get Twilight Sparkle. So we take her back to get it finally and what does she do....picks a different pony!

 After having pretzels, getting her pony, and getting their free loot birthday loot from both the mall and Barnes and Noble we headed home to relax and finish the cake. We were able to head out for an early dinner, where the waitress brought her this giant sundae, which she didn't want to share. Once eating half of it, she passed it over to brother to finish.
 Once home it was time for cake! This year she picked out a white cake, with vanilla buttercream, fresh strawberry filling and strawberries on top. The berries were fresh organic ones we had picked ourselves the day before.

 And then on to the rest of the gifts. We gave her a little sewing project, a potholder loom with extra bands, and L gave her a new color yourself messenger bag. I think she had a great day, I know the rest of us did.


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