Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Scout night at the Cove

If you recall, last year we had a cold rainy night for this fun event. Well this year it was a scorcher! I had to work doing a wedding set up right before we took off for the field, so I was already sweaty and tired by the time we arrived. I had our tent (which I had to patch earlier in the day in places), sleeping bags, a few pillows, and water bottles ready to go in the trunk when I picked Adam up and headed out. We decided to just pay the $5 parking to make it that much easier this year when we had to haul everything in. Good thing too, because the game dragged on into the 12th inning and didn't finish until almost midnight!

We spotted Swoop as soon as we walked in the gates.

And the friendly Sweet Frog frog took a picture with us as well.
L was very excited to walk in the parade before the game began showing he was a proud cub scout. We splurged on hot dogs, corn dogs, pop, chips, dippin' dots, and light saber-ish glow sticks.

The sunset was amazing to watch.

The Hawks were down, so in the 10th inning D and Adam turned their hats inside out for rally hats!  The Silver Hawks did end up losing this game, but they did a great job. After the game were fireworks, and then the kids got to run the bases. Everyone was ushered from the stadium, we then were allowed to bring in the camping gear to set up in the outfield. We are not allowed to stake the tents down seeing as it is astro-turf of sorts. Then we were able to watch the new Lego movie on the big screen while we ate the popcorn the stadium supplies. I remembered last year that the one glass of water was just not enough and was very thankful I brought our cups.

We didn't get to sleep until some time after 2am, and were back up at 7am. We packed up our gear, and carried it up to the top of the stadium where we were greeted with donuts and orange juice. On the road home by 8am! When we got home and unloaded all the gear, Adam and I passed out while the kids laid on the floor next to us watching a movie.

Cub Scout Night at the Cove 2013


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