Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Last days of School 2014

Wow, it has been months since I last blogged. Where has the time gone! So the first week of June brought the last few days of school this year. D has finished 1st grade and L has finished 2nd grade. I am still in shock that I have an incoming 3rd grader! 3rd grade didn't seem that long ago to me. Yikes!

Each grade has their own special award ceremony. Each student is giving at least 1 life skill award. These are always fun to find out, sometimes you agree and sometimes you just don't see it. Each time I can totally agree with my kids awards.
D's teacher was sad to not be there for the awards this year, but it was her only chance to chaperon her own son's field trip. We all totally understood.  Funny enough, there was a freak power outage the day of D's awards and the school was running on generators. By mid-day, those were no longer running anymore either.
My little girl looks so grown up!

Looking like a pro walking off the stage.

Normally Adam takes time off from work to come to these, but unfortunately it just didn't work out this year.

My handsome boy!
L's teacher actually got a little choked up talking about his initiative this year and how far he has come in his writing. In fact, he got a nice little belated birthday gift in the mail from her just the other days. It was a really neat tree journal so that he can write about our travels this summer.

This girl was excited about the last day of school even though she LOVES it!

Once again this year I had decked the car out for after school pick up. I used a window marker to decorate the windows, picked up balloons from Dollar Tree, had Kids Bop music blasting, and had bags in their seats filled with candy, silly string, bubbles, books, and water blasters. Kids came streaming out of the school, stopped at my car, and just started dancing. It was hilarious!!!!

We capped off the evening going to the downtown library summer reading challenge kick off party where we signed up, made paper hats, bought tons of cheap used books, and I won free passes to a nearby water park!


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