Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ronald McDonald at the Library

Once again it is time for the library summer reading challenge. This year, because both kids are reading chapter books, the program that counts minutes instead of book titles seems to be working the best for us. They get prizes at 250 min and 500 min. Both kids were at the 500 min mark within the first 2 weeks of the challenge. One of the great and fun things about this time of year, is that every library in the area have fun and FREE events for everyone in the family. This year both kids were really excited about seeing Ronald McDonald again. And let me tell you, as someone seriously afraid of clowns, this one is the tops.

Before the show begins, while the audience trickles in, one of the "helpers" does a few tricks. He even includes the kids. L was picked to help with the spinning plate trick. He was even encouraged to walk around with it, eliciting screams from the audience as it came spinning over their heads.

Then the big guy himself entered the room!

L got picked for one of the first magic tricks/games. He played a sort of Let's Make a Deal type game.

L was cracking up Ronald just as much as the other way around. L ended up winning the game and was proud of his brush with fame.

D was actually called up this year and wasn't even shy about it this time around.

D had to help Ronald tear a few pieces of tissue paper, but tore it too soon. :-)

Ronald turned it into a tissue paper mask of himself for our favorite little red head.

Yikes!!!! Too close!!!!


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