Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Minecraft Birthday Party!

This year, the kids had decided on a Minecraft theme party. This worried me a bit. I really didn't know anything about the game other than the 3 other family members played it, it was becoming an obsession with kids everywhere, and they didn't carry themed items for parties in stores. I must admit, I was dragging my feet on this one. I found free printable invites that we handed out or mailed out. There are some great free printables, and I tried to use what I could find, but in some cases they just didn't work for me so I needed to create my own. To do this, I was able to use some of the printables from the link above, then I needed the food icon pictures. I headed over to the Minecraft Wiki, searched for what I needed, saved to the desktop, and then printed out the correct size in word and made my own labels for the treat bags, and also the food table. Yes, yes, yes, it would have been easier in Photoshop, but that is Adam's job, I am not really versed in it.

Our treat bags were green paper bags, and then I filled small cellophane bags with different candies to represent the items from the game. We had blue rock candy for diamonds, licorice for TNT, Rollo's for gold, gummy melon slices for melon, and shiny green sixlets for emeralds.

 For decorations, Adam made torches. These were made from cardboard boxes cut to size, taped up, and then covered with construction or bulletin board paper. We stapled them up to the trees or picnic shelter around the party.
 I let the kids choose what games to play and they really liked creeper toss, and pin the snout on the pig. We were also going to play Minecraft bingo, but we forgot to grab it as we walked out the door. For creeper toss, we used cardboard again from a box. Adam covered it in paper and cut flaps in the eyes and mouth. We filled blue plastic Easter eggs with rice, tapped those closed, and that was what they tossed at the board. I know the creeper is suppose to be green, but we ran out of that paper. The pin the snout on the pig was again cardboard covered in paper, and again Adam took care of the design of it. I really think he did a great job!

The day of the party was super duper hot, which usually happens. I always pick the same park to have the party at, it has a giant playground mostly in the shade, 3 large picnic shelters, and normally is not crowded at all. Plus it is relatively cheap! Some day when we have a house again we can have home parties, but for now, we have the park.

I forgot to mention that as a blindfold for the pin the snout of the pig, Adam made a "Steve" head for the kids to wear. Once again it was just a cardboard box covered it paper (sensing a theme?), and he added a strip of blue paper down so the kids couldn't see under the box. Here is Adam showing the kids what they need to do.

Next up was the creeper toss. I think all the kids had fun trying this one, but only a few actually made it in. I know that after the games were played, some of the kids came back to try on their own.

The Birthday kids!

The kids looked at pictures of cakes online and came up with these two since they couldn't agree on just one. The creeper cake is 3 layers of chocolate cake baked in a 8x8 square pan, with frosting in between each layer. We found the different color m&m's at the candy store and I worked from the black ones for the face outward. The Steve cake is 3 layers of vanilla cake, with frosting in between the layers and just tinted frosting for the outside.

I normally give out the treat bags while the birthday kids open gifts. I find that it keeps little hands busy while the gifts are being opened. All the kids had fun finding all the candy in the bag!

I had found green tablecloths, large green square plates, green napkins, small black square plates, black napkins, green silverware, green paper straws, and green snack cups at either Party City or Hobby Lobby. Our menu consisted of hot dogs, 7 layer dip, watermelon, green grapes, pretzels, Jello jigglers, chocolate Rice Krispie Treats, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Green Apple Kool-aide, and water.
Green Grape slime balls
Pretzel trap doors
Jello Jiggler water

Cocoa Krispie Treats as dirt


Anonymous said...

I was overwhelmed at making a creeper cake for my son till I saw yours.Thank you so much for posting.Very creative

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