Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Day of School Fun!

On the very last day of school, we have what we call Fun In The Sun. Basically it is a field day for the entire school, and this year I was able to lead a relay race for the morning half of the day. I was then able to have lunch with both kids on the hill with all their friends.

After lunch I headed out to run some errands. I had picked up fun things from Dollar Tree to fill up a sand bucket. I put in a bug house, bubbles, silly string, book log, small can of root beer, goldfish crackers, and Twizzler bites. I also picked up a window marker and wrote on the back side windows, "Welcome to Summer." And last but not least, I picked up 2 helium balloons that I tied to the inside door handle of each kids door. When I arrived at school for pick up, I opened the windows and let the balloons fly out. When I drove up to the sidewalk where all the kids and teachers were waiting, I was met with loud hoots, hollers, and cheers. The kid's mouths dropped open. You could tell they were wondering what the heck mom was up to!

Both were very excited to break into their summer fun buckets right away!

And of course the silly string was used as soon as we made it home. 

Here is to a fun filled summer! Hope you all have a great time with everything you do this year!!!


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