Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week's Vacation

Right before Adam was going to take his vacation, we found out that my aunt and uncle that live in Australia were in town, and that my aunt that lives in Boston was coming to town as well. Perfectly they were all going to be in town together, when we had free time. The last time they were all together was 22 years ago! I just had to get us out there! So we packed up the family, stayed at my dad's house, and got to visit with family. It was an amazing 3 days. Lots of laughs, food, drinks, and memories. On the way out there we stopped at White Castle. I have grown up with the stuff, and gotten Adam hooked on it. Well where we live, there are none. So we make special trips (like Valentine's day past years), and we needed to stop for a special Fathers Day lunch! We came back home the night before L's birthday.

 The day after his birthday, I woke up to find a quiet house, and a note. Adam and the kids were gone about 5 hours that day, and they came home with a small blue gill in a juice jug. D named him Sprinkles and L named the worm inside the jar George III. We set them free at the pond by our apartment. The kids want to go visit them every day.
 Another morning, after breakfast, we put together these fun wooden dinosaur puzzles that Adam picked up for the kids for their birthday. It took some time, some tears, but we got them all together!
And later on that day we made "clean mud". You simply tear up 1 whole roll of toilet paper (that takes some time), grate in 3 bars of soap, add glitter, and hot water, and mix! It was a very strange texture, but the kids really had fun playing in this.

We capped the week with having friends over for a cookout today. What a fantastic week vacation, I know tomorrow will be difficult for all of us to get back into our daily life.


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