Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lavender Picking

Right before D's birthday, we headed up to Michigan to pick lavender and visit with some lambs with the moms group. The ladies there were nice enough to bring our a baby lamb that was only 2 weeks old, for us to pet. The mama was very close by, stamping her foot, and talking to the baby, letting us know she wanted her back. We made sure to be very careful and gentle, and it was a great hands on expierence for the kids. We then were able to walk carefully into the fields with scissors and a twist tie, and cut our own lavender to take home. The kids did a great job of holding it as I cut it. The farm also has a great little shop that smells like heaven and sells everything you could need of lavender. From soaps, to oils, to sachets, and cooking dried lavender, they have it there for a reasonable price. Interested? Check them out here:

We plan on making another trip up before the season is over!


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