Friday, June 8, 2012

Eric Carle Day 2012

Yesterday I hosted my 3rd annual Eric Carle birthday celebration! I wanted to make sure we read different books and did different crafts this year, then in years past. So after scouring Pinterest, I found some!

First up was the book Little Cloud!
Supplies needed:
blue paper
paint brush
shaving cream
Elmer's glue
plastic bowl and spoon

First up, mix equal parts shaving cream and glue in the plastic bowl with the plastic spoon. Because we were in the park, I made sure to tape all the paper down so it didn't blow away. Then just let the kids paint or dab the "paint" on the paper. All the kids had so much fun, they didn't want to move to the next station. When this dries, it will stay nice and puffy. The kids and I have used this method to make snowmen in the winter!

Next up was Mister Seahorse.
Supplies needed:
coffee filters
washable markers
spray bottle filled with water
blue paper
Elmer's glue

First draw a seahorse shape on the filter with a permanent marker. Have the kids color inside the seahorse with all kinds of colors of marker. Have the kids then spray the entire filter with water and let dry. Once dry, cut out seahorse, and glue onto blue paper. The kids can then use markers or crayons to make a fun scene for the seahorse.

And lastly we read Mixed-up Chameleon.

Supplies needed:
different colors of paper
googly eyes
glue sticks

I traced the chameleon from the cover of the book, and made a pattern. I then cut out each section out of a different color paper. To make this even easier for the kids, I numbered all the pieces so it was more like a puzzle.  Top off with googly eyes!

Inspiration for these crafts comes from:
Little Cloud
Mister Seahorse
Mixed-up Chameleon


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