Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Road Trip: California Day 2

For our second morning we ate yummy things we had picked up at the Boudin bakery from the day prior. Each kid picked a turtle sourdough roll, and I picked out chocolate raisin bread for the adults. After breakfast we headed out for the day!

We headed to Twin Peaks and got a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city. There were tons of tourists but it still felt nice and peaceful. The kids had fun pointing out buildings we spotted the day before.

One of the few entire group photos from the trip, thanks to the college kids standing next to us.

Our next stop was the Haight and Ashbury area. This was a stop mostly for me. When we came the last time, I was a little disappointed, not sure why, just was. This time however was a much better experience. Because we got there around 10 and before most places opened, we got two on street parking spots.

We headed in the shop and I was in heaven! There were all the things I had hoped to see, including a wonderful shrine built in a small room. The kids, Monica, and I all took off our shoes, and enjoyed centering ourselves inside. I picked up a beautiful green silk wrap skirt, and the lady gave me a discount since I said we were there for our anniversary. The guy working there encouraged the kids to touch and feel the things in the shop and to not be afraid to explore.

I had decided before we left home, that I was going to leave a few yarn bombs along the way on our trip. I picked this granny square as the perfect thing to leave on the light post right on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

And then I made the group hike a few blocks uphill to find the Grateful Dead house. Whoever owns it now has a gate at the bottom of the stairs making it impossible to sit and get a picture on them. (They also have a camera watching the stoop) So I made due with having my picture at the gate instead.
There was also this fun graffiti on the sidewalk right in front of the house.
The kids were getting hungry and frustrated at this point so we headed into a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop to have a sweet 1 scoop treat.
After that, we decided to head for lunch. Our great hosts took us to their favorite dumpling place, Kingdom of Dumpling. This place was a tiny tiny little place, but man was that food delicious!!!! D was still being a bit of a grump, and didn't want to try any new foods. Adam took her for a little walk and when they got back she was in a much happier mood. We feasted on steamed and fried dumplings, tea, chicken chow mein, garlic green beans, beef pancakes, and hot soup dumplings. Everything was so good, I am still dreaming of them!

After that we decided to go drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. D fell asleep the first time over the bridge. We turned around, headed up to an amazing look out to see the entire bridge from a distance.

We then headed back across to the other side of the bridge and to go check out the Presidio.  L really had fun checking out where the old giant guns were once perched along the coast. D had fun just being able to climb and run around a bit.

On the way back to the house for the night we made a pit stop at a store I only wish we had back at home!!! Daiso Japan is a Japanese dollar store with everything from clothing, kitchen ware, food, and drinks. We stocked up on some really fun things to use at the house and to try to eat on the way. My favorite purchase: Green Tea Pocky!!! We got back to the house, had a light dinner of cheese, sausage, and crackers, watched a few Mythbuster episodes, and played a fun game!


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