Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blueberry Festival 2014

Labor day always brings with it our annual trip to the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth. We head down on Sunday night for a quick tour of the park, and then to see the fireworks. Then Monday morning is the parade, and we head back into the park for a good long fun day.

This year, the kids got to make their own small candles and each made their own jump rope in the pioneer camp area.

 This is Blueberry Hank, he leads the parade!
 Our only favorite clown!

This is both kid's favorite group in the parade.

Then after the parade, when we headed back into the park, the kids went to purchase the items they picked out the night before. D picked out a wooden sword, and L picked out a marshmallow shooter crossbow.
 And then it was time for rides. They went on their first roller coaster, and loved it!!!


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