Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

It's hard to believe that this is our 3rd year apple picking now.  Boy the kids grow up quickly!  This was a last min. choice to go.  If it was up to Adam, we would have passed on it this year.  But it means a lot to me to go, so we went.  We always go to Garwood Orchard, they have the most amazing produce, tons of U-pick options, and perfect prices!  The kids just LOVE to pick anything for us to eat.  I never have to worry about them not wanting to eat it, thank goodness!  We headed out on a tractor drawn wagon to the orchard.  We brought with 2 large reusable bags, and I'm happy that we didn't bring more.  We ended up picking over 51 lbs. of apples within 10 min.  Both kids had fun, but L was all over it this year!  He would go to a tree, have 3 in his hand, and one he was eating each time he went.  I think the boy ate at least 4 apples while we were just picking!  But thanks to his enthusiasm we were done before you knew it.  He was also entertainment for anyone out there with us.  The best was when a pretty college aged girl walked past with her mother, L offered to help them and go with them.  Adam packed us a lunch, so we paid for our bounty, headed back to the car, and had some lunch.  I have already made a GIANT batch of apple sauce, an cherry apple crisp, and we have eaten a number of apples, but there are still so many left.  I think it's time for some pies....

Adam wanted to pick them both up on his shoulders and take a picture, they were not cooperating, and this was the end result!


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