Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

Once again we headed out to Garwood Orchards to do our apple picking this year. It was perfect weather! We are enjoying an Indian summer out here in Indiana. September was a freezing cold month, and we were all prepared for the upcoming season. Well October is throwing us a curve ball. This whole week has been sunny and almost 80 again. But the trees are all a beautiful shade of orange, yellow, and red right now, like they have all been sun-kissed.

We picked around 40lbs. this year and did mostly Honey crisp and Red Delicious. We were a bit disappointed in the Honey crisp this year. There were very few left on the trees, and those that were, had nasty black mushy spots all over. We found more on the ground that were in better shape. After we filled 3 reusable bags full of yummy apples, we headed to the pumpkin patch. The kids were so excited to go pick out a pumpkin, and ended up picking pumpkins close to 25 lbs! Next year the rule will be that they have to carry their own out. We waited for the tractor to come back around to pick us up, and we happily discovered that it was the wagon pulled by 2 horses headed our way. The kids were so pumped, and then the driver asked if they would want to sit up by her. Well, that just totally made their day! Overall, what a fantastic time and the first thing off our fall bucket list.

apple picking 2010
apple picking 2008

Happy apple picking family
 Which one will you pick D?
 "I see it!!!!!"
 I stake a claim on this one!
 Waiting for the tractor



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