Monday, October 1, 2012

Candy Corn Handprints

First off I want to say welcome and thank you! I am participating in my first ever blog hop this week! I am linking up with the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop for this entire week. Check back every day to see a fun new fall/Halloween craft from me!

This first craft was something I had wanted to do last year, and just never got around to it. I have looked at a footprint version of this on Pinterest before, but thought hands would be just as cute. The kids and I made candy corn hand prints before dinner the other day. This is a quick, simple, easy, and little mess sort of craft.

Supplies needed:
manila construction paper (we used white and black and it just didn't show up all that great)
orange, yellow, and white washable paint
small dishes for paint (I used a cut up egg carton)
baby wipes

I started by showing the kids where on their hands to paint each color. With the white I showed them to paint up to the 2nd knuckle lines, orange from the base of the palm to where the thumb connects, and the yellow in between. I tried this first myself on the black paper. It worked alright, but the orange hardly shows up. Then we tried this on the white paper, and of course it is hard to see the white paint. I think if you used a tan or manila paper, it would work best. I let the kids go ahead and paint their own hands for the first time. I figure at 5 and 6 and with all the hand painting we have done in this house, why not! We let them dry on the bathroom floor while we ate dinner (only place easy to clean and out of the way). I then cut them out and had the kids glue them to a black piece of paper, just to make them stand out a bit more.

We finished the night with some stories, and with leaf cookies. On Friday, I had started to help with D's kindergarten class. Once a month on a Friday, parents get to come in with a special sweet treat to share, and read a favorite book to a small group of kids. I asked D what type of book I should read and what kind of cookie I should make. Her response was, "It has to be a book about fall, and the cookies need to be leaf shaped with orange icing". So that was just what I did ;-)

Supplies out and ready to go
(Like my crazy painted table? Adam did that over the summer.)

See how both the black and the white paper had pluses and minuses?

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Red Tash said...

This looks so fun! What a great way to "kick off" the season. (Is that bad, using a foot pun for a hand-craft?) I've got to hand it to ya. *Groan* LOL

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