Thursday, October 4, 2012


Welcome to Day 4 of the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop! Today's project was something that I came up with totally on my own. I think this turned out great, and I plan on doing it with the kids next year as well, to see how things change.

Today we are using a fun supply called bleeding tissue. How appropriate for Halloween, no? This is not your normal tissue paper that can be found in the cards section of the store. This is a special kind of tissue paper meant to "paint" when wet. This can be found at most art supply stores. We used it before on an Earth day craft!

Supplies needed:
white construction paper
bleeding tissue
spray bottle with water
black Sharpie Markers
googly eyes

You will want to lay down some paper or towels over your work surface. This stuff will stain the table. I put down some pages torn from a magazine. I told the kids to rip shapes from the tissue paper and place around their white construction paper. You want it to be somewhat covered. When they were done, carefully spray the paper with water. We let this dry overnight. Next I gave the kids another piece of paper, and a pencil, and told the kids to design their own monsters. This was neat to see what they made. I had them cut this out, this will be used as a stencil. The next day, we removed all the tissue paper from our pages, and traced our own monster stencils with the black Sharpie marker.  We cut our monsters out and set to decorating them. I had googly eyes of all sizes, and markers of all different colors. D even got out a bingo stampers to give her monsters spots/chicken pox. These little guys are now hanging up next to our dinner table!

My tissue all laid out

After spraying it with water

D's designed monster

L's designed monster

My monster all traced and ready to be cut out

Our fun and scary monsters!


Red Tash said...

So cute! I actually crooned when I saw this. You had me at "googly eyes," but the finals are adorable!

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Thanks! I figure every craft is great as long as you add googly eyes. The kids just loved doing this one!

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