Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Week of school 2012

This has been a big year in our house this school year. Both kids are in school full time! D started kindergarten and L started first grade. I was both excited and sad by this change. It is the first time in 6 years that I have been able to spend time during the day for myself. Yes, I miss they during the day at times, and yes the time goes even quicker now. But I have also been able to start working out again, meet my friends for coffee or lunch, and watch a movie during the day. I still go to the library at least once a week, and I still come home with a stack of kid's books. I am cherishing my quiet time, but also loving all that the kids are learning.

Highlights from this past week:
There are 5 red heads in D's class
Both kids were excited about the teachers they got
L got new glasses with stronger lenses in them
D wore dresses that her Grammy made for her the first two days of school
They both LOVE school so far, and have even proclaimed it the best year ever
L's reading has suddenly sky rocketed!
Neither wants to leave the school after school gets out
I have already helped with painting in D's class
D is decked out in Hello Kitty everything
L is decked out in Super Hero everything

The day before school started we woke up to find a giant pencil sitting in front of the door. The kids were amazed and curious. Does it open? Where did it come from? They opened it up to find small balloons filled with candy and a note. A member from the moms group made these up for all the kids going into school this year, and dropped them off early in the morning. It was such a sweet gesture, that I know most of the moms cried.

D had orientation on the first day of school, which meant that she only went from 9-10 that day. But we treated it as if it were her first day as well. 
 L was very nervous about starting first grade. He thought he wouldn't know many in his class, and generally didn't like school. When I picked him up that day he had made a new best friend, and loved school. Amazing what one day can do!

This was D's official first day of school
Check out last year's first week! 2011


Red Tash said...

What a cute blog!!! I just sent you a message via FB. Would love to include your blog in the Hoosier Horror blog hop coming up. Kid costumes, fall food, anything like that makes a wonderful addition to the theme of all things Hoosier in October!

Hope to hear from you. We could use a bit of your awesome craftiness!!!

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