Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple Picking 2012

Yesterday was our annual trip out to Garwood Orchards to do our apple picking! This year's crop, pretty much all over Indiana and Michigan was either totally destroyed or almost all destroyed by a late frost in April. Garwood had 70% of their crop wiped out, so there are only a few more weeks to go apple picking. We headed out and of course it was the coldest day we have had yet this year! When we got up at 8am, it was only 31 degrees! And it didn't warm up much from that through the day. On top of that it had been raining the day before and the night before, so we planned on it being sort of muddy. Armed with rain boots, jeans, warm coats, hats, and wrist warmers we headed out. Luckily it wasn't as muddy or cold once we got out there. We picked 27lbs. (the smallest batch yet) of Rome and Golden Delicious apples. Adam has already made a crumb top apple pie last night at his parent's house, and boy was that good! I can't wait to get the apple butter, and apple sauce going tomorrow.

The first apples picked!
 L giving the bunny ears to his sister. It's hard to get him to take a picture without doing that these days.

Adam rubbed this apple on his coat and got it nice and shiny. We thought it looked like the apple from Snow White. So I took his best wicked witch apple picture.

 And then silly me, I thought, hey I like this really red apple, I want a picture of me with it in my hands. Only later did it dawn on me that it was just like the Twilight Book Cover. Now see, I do need to declare that I have never read the books or watched the movies, so it was the last thing on my mind.
 We thought this tree had an odd shape to it. The branches were long and somewhat droopy, the apples and leaves were all at the ends in clumps. Not what a normal apple tree looks like!

 Heading back to the car for lunch with apple in hand!
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