Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Fun Weekend!

2 weeks ago we had a crazy, busy, fun weekend!!! It started Friday night when we took the kids to see Riders in the Sky on Notre Dame's campus. Never heard of them, well I'm sure you have! They sang Woody's Roundup in Toy Story 2! It was a fantastic show, and the kids along with us adults really enjoyed it. I was able to get each kid a real (metal) sheriffs badge, and a red kid's cowboy hat. My favorite part was seeing their faces light up when they saw me carrying these back to the seats for them. The guys even set up a table and signed programs for everyone. D just had to have hers signed and was so excited to meet them. She looked just like Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl that night!

The stage all ready to go
 A cute cowboy and cowgirl
 The Riders
 Then on Saturday, L had a friend birthday party at Chick-fil-a. D was encouraged to join in. Well she must have been having an off day because she ended up having about 4 big fits over silly stuff like where she was sitting, and that someone fell on her in the play area. The best was when she ran out of the play area, threw herself on my bench seat and loudly proclaimed that this was "the worst birthday party ever". Thankfully everyone there laughed at her along with me, and hopefully no one was offended. Boy what a long day that was!

Sunday was a very exciting day! My brother-in-law got us all passes to Chicago's Field Museum and rented a mini-van for us all to go in. We have been wanting to make this trip for some time now, and L was in heaven. He has now decided that he will be a "sky-diving Palentologist" because in his words, "Even Palentologists have down time." Gee, I love that kid!  We got to see just about everything the museum had to offer, including having lunch at the McDonalds in the basement. the weather was fantastic, the kids were extremely well behaved, and there were very few people there, so it made for the perfect day. We came home with tons of fun goodies. L picked out a Sue the dinosaur pencil and postcard, and then an excavation kit, D picked out a Sue the dinosaur pen, dino glider, and dino chopsticks. My brother-in-law bought us the set of dinosaur cookie cutters, which we can't wait to use, but for now have been cutting pb&j sandwiches for a little boys lunch box ever since. Adam and I also bought the book, The Field Mouse and the Dinosaur named Sue since L was talking about it on the way up. Apparently they read it at school recently!

Heading into the museum
 We found Sue!
 We had to stop at all the Mold-A-Ramas, only problem was that I was burned by hot wax in between my fingers. It ended up blistering before we even left.
 All our goodies!
 Heading back to the car. The parking garage was under Solider Field!


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