Sunday, March 4, 2012

Seuss Part 2

The kids and I have really been working on Seuss inspired crafts most of the week. It started on Wednesday, when the kids were home sick with me. I told them to draw me pictures of the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 while they were waiting for lunch. I was very impressed with what they came up with. They also asked to hang them up, so we did on the bathroom door. I am of the belief that why not hang up the kids artwork all over the house! We use masking tape and just tape it up. We have done this for years now, and the kids are always proud to show off what they have done to anyone that comes over.

Friday, L's teacher always has Magic Hour. It is an hour and a half of crafting stations split between 2 teacher's classrooms. They combine classes, and I love helping out. This week's theme was of course Dr. Seuss. L brought home his projects to show off. There was a print out of Things 1 and 2 on red paper. The kids were able to color it in, and glue blue Easter grass as hair. Very fun! They also made Lorax mustaches. They then made Truffela Trees out of a pom pom and a half of pipe cleaner. And lastly they made the Who's from Horton out of a pom pom, candy stick, and a micro pom pom. L felt the need to make a sign for it that said Help as well.

Then yesterday, the kids and I were by ourselves with no car. So what to do....why more Seuss crafts of course! We found this great Sam I Am hand and foot print idea from Classified: Mom. We changed ours up a bit.

Supplies needed:
red and white washable paint
yellow construction paper
foam paint brushes
bowl for paint
wet washcloth
black marker

Each kids painted both hands white, and placed them on the yellow paper. This is Sam's side of his face. Then they painted one foot for Sam's chin and placed it in between the two hand prints. Now paint the other foot red, and put it at the top of the hand prints for Sam's hat. We did this in the bathroom for the easiest clean up. We let these dry overnight, and then this morning, traced the outside of Sam's face and hat and drew on the rest of his face. They turned out pretty cute!

Our finished Sam I Ams.
We also did this fun Cat in the Hat footprint that I found at The
Supplies needed:
red and black paint
foam brushes
bowls for paint
white paper
black marker
wet washcloth

Paint the ball of the foot black, and then paint red stripes up the rest of the foot. I helped the kids with this one! While I was painting one of the kids" foot, the other one was taking the pictures. After placing the footprint on the white paper, we also left these to dry overnight. This morning we drew faces on them and added them to our Seusstastic wall of crafts.

 A cute pic of L that D took!

 And last but not least, we made a Lorax scene with Truffela trees. This one we found on Momstown Arts and Crafts. I pulled up her image and showed the kids how they made a scene using crayons, and pom poms. They started doing just that, but L was inspired by his sisters do-a-dot stampers. He wanted to add some color to his pom poms. I also loved that they both drew their own version of the Lorax. They both love that story, and have watched the old 60's version of the movie. We are so excited to go see the new movie!

 And here is our wall of Seuss. Can you tell we love to do arts and crafts!


Tiffany said...

Zilla did some stuff in school for Dr Seuss's Birthday. I asked him when he got home if he liked it (they made a bunch of stuff for Cat in The Hat) and he said "No I didn't Mama" lol. He's never been a Seuss fan. I liked your feet "cgeats" though!

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