Friday, March 23, 2012

Flower Making

Have you seen the cherry blossom stamped project all over pinterest? Well we have, and I knew that D and I needed to do it. They did theirs with a 2 liter, but since we rarely drinking pop and just happened to have empty little bottles, that was what we used!

Supplies needed:
White construction paper
empty plastic pop bottle
disposable bowl
paint brush
red, white (or pink if you have it!), and brown paint

We started out by mixing a drop of red paint into some white paint in a foam bowl. This was a great way to talk about mixing colors, and I had D guess what color we were making. We then painted our tree trunks and branches on our paper. D always is very creative in her interpretation of trees. Next I pulled out our plastic bottles and showed her how to stamp a pretty flower on the page. She LOVED it!

And since we had all this out already, we decided to paint a whole garden on another sheet of paper. This time we mixed up additional colors, added white to all of them to make them more pastel and spring like. We also found an empty water bottle, a different pop bottle, and an empty fruit cup. We wanted to see if they all had different shapes when we printed them. After stamping some flowers, we used our brushes again, and painted stems, and grass. The weather was perfect, and we had a fun time!

painting trees, happy trees
 stamping cherry blossoms
 now onto stamping a flower garden
adding the stems and grass
 D's flowers
 my flowers
A fun book to read along with doing this project would be Planting a Rainbow!


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