Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peach Picking

D and I went peach picking with a few friends this morning. We discovered this great little u-pick farm up in Michigan. The Springhope farm is a tiny little farm. There is a great farm stand that offers a few veggies, fruit, flowers, jams, and dried fruit. One thing to be aware of, they are cash or check only, so come prepared! I will be going back, especially for cherry season next year.  D and I picked 13 1/4 pounds in about 5 min. We found some nice soft ones, and then some firmer ones, in 3 different varieties. As soon as we got home, we planned what to make. Peach applesauce, Peach spice muffins, and I am going to attempt a peach pie. The apartment smells wonderful, and I can't wait for the applesauce to cool down a bit!

The girls found this butterfly in the parking lot.
 My little helper.

 She was proud of our loot!

The peach applesauce pre-cooked.
applesauce (I added about 13 peaches!):
Peach spice muffins (I substituted the pears):
Peach pie:


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