Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

First I want to say a big Hello to all the people coming to check me out thanks to! Welcome!!
Now on to our normally scheduled posting.... Have you checked out at all? What an amazingly fun site! It basically is a virtual bulletin board for all those recipes, or crafts that you find all over the web. A great place to keep all those fun ideas, plus you get to see things that other people are pinning. I have found so many fun things to make both food and craft, that I had to share two of them. Want to see what I am talking about? Follow me here:

First up is a fun way to get the kids to practice their A-B-C's. If your kids are like my kids, they get bored with the same old "teaching" ways. I am always looking for fun ways to include learning. I pulled out their easel from Ikea (under $20!), and drew the alphabet on the chalkboard side. I then grabbed a small bowl of water, and a cheap paintbrush (I believe the one I grabbed was from a watercolor book the kids had). I showed them what to do, and they loved it. They each had to trace over the letter with water on the paint brush, and wash away the letter. Both kids tried it twice, and then drew the letters back on for each other. This went on for a good half hour. The original idea that I found came from here. But just think, you don't have to stop with just letters. I plan on using this for numbers, and shapes as well. And then work up to words!

Next up is a project that I found almost as soon as I started my pinterest account! Melted crayons on a canvas! Brilliant I shouted! I can do this I thought. Hmmm, where to start. I started to see it everywhere. Finally, other bloggers started to post tutorials. Many said to use a hair dryer. Well, that wouldn't work for me, never really had a need for one of those. Until, pink and green mom said to use the heat gun for scrapbooking. Now that I DO have!!! The canvas is one I have had sitting around for sometime, just looking for a project. Well tonight was the night! I got out my old big box of crayons, hot glue, canvas, and heat gun. I lined up all the colors in order (ROYGBIV) on the canvas to make sure they would all fit. I stuck to the colors in the rainbow, because they are super cool! I headed outside for all the glueing and melting. The kids loved watching from the large window, but I did let them come out to watch me melt them. What fun! And it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. This piece now hangs proudly in my living room right next to the tv. A place of honor! The original idea was found here on etsy.


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