Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinterest Part 2

I know, this post has TONS of pictures. Sorry about that, but D and I have been having lots of fun, and I wanted to share it all with you guys.  As I have said before, has been helping me come up with even more fantastic ideas to do with the kids, and here are two more that we tried! Follow me on pinterest here:

First up was drawing on a white piece of paper with a white crayon, and then going over the pictures with bingo stampers. D got a fun metallic set for her birthday and was very happy to pull them out again. I started by drawing 2 pictures for each of us. She had so much fun doing those, that she asked if she could draw her own. She drew 3 more, but my favorite was the "ballerina".
As seen on Let's Explore!

D's self drawn ballerina

Next up was making our own apple pie play dough. We started with the recipe from Counting Coconuts, and then took the advice from  Little Wonders' Days! In the play dough, we added Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice. I think next time we will add a little vanilla extract, or an apple candy oil for a better scent in addition to the spices. As you can see, D had fun mixing up her own play dough!

It was a fun pie color, but D insisted on coloring it red when we were all done. The color of apples, and her favorite color!
Then I made us some "mats" to play with. I drew an Uppercase and Lowercase A, and wrote the word apple on a sheet of computer paper. I stuck these inside the plastic page protectors. I also wrote out squares with numbers on them, and got out some fall cookie cutters. D pulled out her rolling pin and knife to help out.

First game we played was hide the "apple seeds", this was taken directly from Little wonders'! Loved it! These are just some wooden beads I have had laying around since my "hemp necklace making days". I hide a handful of them in the play dough, pulled the number card out, and told her to find them.

She thought this was great fun, and even wanted to hide them for mommy to find.

Our fall cookie cutters! A turkey, 2 leaves, and an acorn. I think I need some more fall ones.
 And lastly I had D roll out snakes and shape them into the letters. I have seen this all over the homeschool blogs for a long time now, but this was our first time doing this. What a fun and easy way to learn letter shapes. She had a good time doing it, and it encouraged her to play more with the play dough in ways she has not done before.


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