Sunday, August 21, 2011

Found object painting

I have noticed this idea on many blogs, and I really can't remember any to link back to, but I have been wanting to do this for the last 2 years. It just never seemed to work out. Well, I put this on our summer bucket list, sort of as a reminder for myself to actually do it. Then we moved to an apartment and I thought it would never happen.  Today, I decided that we will do it. I got out our long folding table, and set it on the ground without opening the legs. I think rolled a sheet of newsprint (free from our local newspaper!), and had Adam tuck the paper under the table. I had the kids gather 4 random washable things from around the house, while I gathered the washable paint, wet wipes, paper plates, and a few things that I had thought of using. We headed outside to get started! I squirted a blob of paint, a different color on each plate, and then showed the kids what to do. It started out slow as they experimented with different items, and techniques. After a little while, it really got moving. Hands, paint brushes, and feet got into the action! This was tons of fun, all 4 of us added to it, and we are going to hang it up in the new living room. Clean up was pretty easy, I had the kids put the items in a plastic basket that I use to carry art supplies to different functions. Wet wipes were used to wash up hands, arms, legs, and feet before going inside to really wash up. Paper plates and used wet wipes were thrown away in a plastic bag. And the basket full of painted items came right in and was washed up in the kitchen sink. Easy peasy!


 Items that we used were: 2 berry baskets, paint brushes, dust brush, screwdriver, wiffle golf ball, bubble wand, wooden blocks, Barbie hairbrush, play DQ ice cream sandwich, McDonald's canteen from the 80's, a foot door stop, plastic snake, Robin action figure, play cars, play cookie and peti four, and a toy turtle!


HeatherCurleeNovak said...

LOVE the concept of found object painting! We JUST bought a multi pack of 7 12x12 canvas artist frames at Michael's Crafts and have been revisiting decoupage and painting for art around the house. Thanks for another good way to do this. MMMM Christmas presents for Granfolks......

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