Monday, September 26, 2011

Open Book Festival 2011

It was that time of year again, where we go to one of our favorite events! This is a free event at our local library, and this was our 3rd year going. They have costumed characters from our favorite books, crafts, music, puppets, magic, and authors come to talk. Always a blast! We come home with tons of goodies like pencils, crafts, and books.

Curious George and Clifford were waiting outside for everyone. D ran right up and gave everyone a hug. Big change from past years!
 L was a bit more standoffish this year, but I think that is because he realized in the last year that these just have people in them.
 Each child gets an "autograph" from each character. D is very good at collecting hers.
 As soon as we walked in the door, D was asking where the Cat in the Hat was. Turns out they were waiting just around the corner.
 Those are some happy kids!
 Mouse from If you give a mouse a cookie, giving L a high five!
 Hello Maisy!
 This one was new, it was Froggy from the froggy stories. My kids kept thinking he was from the Rubber Dubbers.
 They had a ton of new crafts this year. Here D is cutting out a fish bowl, for the fish from Cat in the Hat.
 L showing us how his fish pops out of the bowl.
 They also had cut outs of Maisy to color, and a pop up background to design. L and D both picked the pirate Maisy. L put a plank, a "seaclops", and the Berrien sea. Not sure why he knows the name of that sea, but cool, we will go with it!
 They also colored masks, here D is a pea, and L is doing his best owl impersonation. Can you see he unzipped his coat to make wings? They also made birthday hats, and colored parts to make a mouse paper bag puppet.
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