Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Hope all you mommies out there had a great Mother's day. Mine was spread out over a few days really. It started with the Sunday before, D and I headed out for tea and cookies at the local coffeehouse. It was a tradition that I started last year, that I have special one on one time with each kid for mother's day. We rarely get that special time, so when would be better. D doesn't like chamomile tea! Oh well, then we went for a walk and headed to the library. The Saturday before mother's day, L and I headed to the chocolate cafe for ice tea and ice cream. He picked out superman ice cream in a cone and I had bubble gum. Yummy!! After ice cream we headed over to the big indoor play ground that they have there. On our way out of the candy shop part, L was admiring the lemon heads in a giant glass jar. The lady working there gave him one, and he loved it! Then she gave him a sucker to top it off. This kid was sooooo sugared up! On our way out he ran over to the monkey statue (see pics below).

My mother's day present was a video of Adam singing and playing guitar to one of my favorite songs. It's called "The way I am" by Ingrid Michealson. He did a great job, especially since he only picked up the guitar 3 weeks ago! On the actually day, the kids and I went outside to blow bubbles for awhile. After naps, we headed out to my mom's house for a cook out. It was a very busy weekend, but tons of fun.

That is until the kids didn't go to bed until 3 am Sunday night. But that's another story!

L and the monkey statue. He said he was holding him up!

Fist bump!

On the swing on the porch blowing bubbles.

messy bubbles!


heathernkids said...

Bubbles! Gosh I LOVE their hair!

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