Friday, May 22, 2009

Ice Cream!!

One night 2 weeks ago, Adam decided to take us out for ice cream after dinner. Hurray!!! We never go out for ice cream anymore! He had gotten a Coldstone gift card for his birthday and we found a buy one get one half off coupon in the paper. We were good to go. So now the struggle is what type do we get the kids that we know they will eat. We decided that Adam and the kids would get the oreo explosion or something like that, and I got a latte thing that I added a brownie to. The guy grabs a huge heap of ice cream and exclaims that he is making the three that are the same. Now mind you we ordered the smallest (like it)! The girl working goes to make mine. The way the guy made the 3 they turned out to be the largest size they make (gotta have it), all three of them!!! The kids were super excited about their jug of ice cream. Mine of course was the size I was suppose to get, bummer! D was happy to share her's with us. L on the other hand, we had to keep tricking him so that he wouldn't eat the whole thing. And he could have if we let him, he eats ice cream like his mommy! Adam ate most of his out of his own bowl and then while L was looking away, he switched it. Then when D was looking away we switched hers too. The funniest thing was that I told Adam we should just bring the rest home for later and stick it in the freezer. He insisted that it wouldn't make the trip home (10 min.), and he ate all the rest of the ice cream. When he finished he had the nerve to tell me he didn't feel good. Well, of course you don't feel good you just ate a gallon of ice cream yourself!


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