Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well Happy New Year!

Well, I tried to post this last night, but was having trouble with the Internet over this way. Happy New Year everyone! We had a very quiet night at home. My brother-in-law Travis had given us this great basket filled with yummy things to eat for Christmas, so we had the cheese, sausage, and mustard from the basket, the homemade pretzels, chocolate cake, beer, crackers, nuts, I had Crystal Light. I told you it was quiet! I was actually in my pj's before 10pm. New Years day I made a ham and lentil soup with leftover ham from Christmas at my dad's. I stuck it in the freezer so that it would still be good, I had intended to make a ham and black eye pea soup but realized that I had used up all the peas in a chili I made a few weeks ago. I am not a fan of lentils at all!! In fact I hate them! But the soup was awesome. Adam kept going on and on about it. I'll post the recipe that I made up later on another post.

Good by 2008! I am happy to see it go, it was a rough year for us, not as bad as 2007, but still not good. I have high hopes for 2009! My family has had a rough time for the last few years, but it seems to be getting better slowly. And that is a good thing. We don't ask for much out of life, and we aren't greedy people that is for sure. We just need enough to get by and pay all the bills, and to eat. Our kids don't get everything they want, and neither do we. So the outlook of Adam having this new job at Notre Dame this last year is really great for us in the future. It's going on 6 months already, and our life is getting better.

My resolutions for the new year are simple ones. To become a healthier me, and to help my family get out of the slump we were in. I think these are both doable, and realistic! I want to loose weight, and just get healthy over all. And for the family, I just want to be able to pay all our bills and on time. So far we are on a good route with both. Thanks so much for reading my blog. When I started this I thought I would be the only one that read it, and maybe Adam too. And now I have followers, and have met friends through this blog. I have also been told that the last month I inspired people to create more things. That is awesome! I never thought that would happen.

So once again, thank you!

New Year's eve

Not a great picture, but me in my pj's

Awesome ham and lentil soup!


Tiffany said...

I'm glad that your outlook on 2009 is a positive one! It's only what you make of it so just keep looking towards the good. I heard once that "things aren't happening to you they are happening FOR you" and I always try to remember that when it's not looking like I want it to kwim? Doesn't always help LOL but it can't hurt right?

I enjoy your blog a bunch and maybe one day I will be crafty or experiment with new foods but until then I can live through you! Happy 2009 sweetie!

Maryjane said...

Kelly, I have those same pajamas!!! haha!!

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