Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kids Tidbits!

The kids have done some cute things over the last few days and I just wanted to share. We had just gotten done eating lunch, when I noticed that L had leaked through his jeans. So I changed his diaper and left off his pants while I changed D too. Next thing I know, he is sitting on a pillow telling me he was sitting on what sounded like his ayass (think ass with a Chicago accent). I was shocked and asked him to repeat it again and again until I realized that what he was actually saying was that he was sitting on his eggs. He had gotten 2 of the plastic play eggs from D's kitchen and was sitting on them. He then told me he was going to hatch them and we would have baby chickens. I had to laugh out loud with that one.

The next day I was having a bad day, the car was broke, and L was being really bad. After struggling to get him down for a nap for 2 hours he woke up his sister. I was really mad at him, and brought them both downstairs. I made L sit in time out for a while and put D on the couch with me. She climbs over into my lap, waves to me and says hi mommy. Then she leaned over and gave me a bunch of kisses on the cheek. Then she pointed to my cheek and kissed the air. How can you be mad at anything after that!

Just the kids and I. L totally needs a haircut, maybe this paycheck!


Tiffany said...

OMG the egg thing is SOOO darn funny!!! Zilla hasn't ever tried sitting on any -yet- but he does have a fasination with them. Well looking and playing with them not eating them..haha. Don't you just love when they break out the cuteness!

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