Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Camping in the living room

On Saturday before vacation was over, Adam set up the tent in the living room for him and the kids to go camping in. The kids went bonkers over it. L has been obsessed with camping for a while now, not sure why, and both kids got backpacks for Christmas. L even got a Diego camping set from Aunt J so he was even more insistent to go camping. Silly kids don't understand that we live in freezing cold Indiana where you can't go camping comfortably until June. So they each got their backpacks, a blanket, and a pillow. They even put some of the play food from the kitchen set in the bags. It was too cute. They went looking for animals so I got on Google image search and looked up pictures of animals for them to find. Overall a great way to waste a cold and dreary Saturday afternoon!

And on to a car update.... we are still having trouble with the damn thing! After replacing the radiator, starter, battery, and distributor cap, not to mention adding 2 bottles of fuel injector cleaner it now doesn't want to go any faster than 20mph and then it revs way high, kicks into the next gear and we start all over again. Adam will check a few things tonight when he gets home from work, and hopefully it's just the fuel filter like someone suggested.

The kids in the tent. Yeah, look at those blankets, we aren't "hippies"

Playing, and camping

Cute as a button D

L with his backpack, blanket, and pillow


Tiffany said...

how adorable - them with the backpacks is just too cute. I hope the car gets fixed soon!

~Gretchen~ said...

now that is convenience camping!

Camping said...

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