Monday, January 26, 2009

This last week

So let us see, where did I leave off almost a whole week ago. I actually can't believe that it has been a week since my last post, sorry about that guys!! Tuesday night I hosted a mom's night in for my mom's group. There were only 4 of us, but it was nice. I basically have a coffee shop in my house from all the years of working in coffee so I decided to host a coffee night in. We also had hot spinach dip, cranberry scones, muffins, and biscotti, everything that you find in a expensive coffee shop!

Wednesday we headed out to visit my mom. And they had a surprise for us, they went to Aldis and bought us $100 worth of groceries. So now I have a extremely packed kitchen. My freezer is so packed that stuff falls out every time you open it. Sweet!!

Thursday I took the kids to Barnes and Noble story time. I hate going to these things. The kids run wild, never listen to the story, rarely do the craft, and the person reading the story doesn't really know anything about reading to small kids. I take them every few months because apparently I forget how stressful it is to go.

Friday we hosted a play date here. Eight kids and it went relatively well! The only problem was that throughout the day the kids and I have come down with a vicious cold. Yuck!

Saturday I headed to a eating green program at the local library. I got tons of good info, snacked on some organic snacks, and listened to ABBA. A good day all around! The night sucked because the kids can't sleep with this cold. We also went to visit my in-laws. I love visiting them! They are great and I'm not just saying that.

Sunday we stayed home for most of the day. Adam headed out to the university to go to a art gallery opening and then went and ran. I forgot to mention that he is training for the Chicago marathon again. The last time he was training I got pregnant with D, and the time before when he was training I got pregnant with L. That is not gonna happen this time!
In the evening we heard about a Chinese New Year dinner and event that was going on on campus. We have tried to make it to Chicago's Chinatown now for years, and with sick kids we thought this would be great. I was going to make homemade egg drop soup and egg rolls, but this was better! Then off to Target to pick up oj, juice, and Kleenex!

Today we are staying home other than going to pay the water bill. L seems to be feeling better, D is a little worse (like a day behind L), and I am not congested anymore. Hopefully we are on the upswing!

Look at how red the hair is and how blue the eyes are! Beautiful!

Using daddy's gloves on the horse. I actually use to do that with my dad's gloves on the same horse!

L wearing daddy's shoes around the house. He really does look a lot like his daddy!


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