Saturday, November 8, 2008

I flippin did it!

Alright folks so I actually did it!! I ran a 5K race this morning before most were even awake. It was cold!! But I did it. So do you want to know how I did? Well, first things first, I ran a 13 min mile, which was 2 min faster than what I was running. Now for the fun news! I was the very last finisher ever! Even the walkers got done before me. The old people passed me!! But the incredible part was that I still managed to win my age group. So lets go over this! I was the only runner in the 21-30 age group both in woman and men. So I guess I can come in last and still win my age group. That's pretty sad. If Adam would have run, then we both could have won our age group. Thanks again for all the well wishes, and now to add that to the list of miles. I've added some pics that Adam took from this morning so that you can all laugh at how I looked. Oh and I wanted to add that while I was running I ran past cows, horses, farms, a rooster crowing, and the great smell of manure! I was totally out in the middle of nowhere!!

Getting ready for my race.

Doesn't D look like a Christmas decoration from the 60's?

Waiting for the start. It was 38 degrees.
I finally made it!!


Anonymous said...

Northwood? Seriously? NORTHWOOD????

Liam... Wawasee grad.

Tiffany said...

YAY for you!!!! I'm glad that you just finished at all! I have thought about doing the couch to 5K think to try and run one. I actually started it and got to week 3 but then my husband came home from Iraq and things got crazy. How did you train for it? How exciting just think you can only get better right?

Oh and DAMN you ran in 38 degree weather? I don't even know that I could BREATHE in that kind of cold LOL. I'm a southern girl all the way!! We don't do cold in florida!

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