Tuesday, November 18, 2008

first snow!

So it was the first good snow fall here of the year! L has been so excited to wake up 2 days in a row to see it snowing! So we took Adam to work, headed over to the library, and after lunch went outside to play. L has been asking to play outside now for days so I just had to. I got them all bundled up and even dug out the old sled from last year. Well, we need a bigger sled. The kids barely fit on it, but they still had fun with mommy pulling them around on it. I was worried though because D's foot kept getting caught under the sled so we stopped. They tried to build Frosty, but the bowl holding the snow dumped over and spilled it all out. They did make snow angels. L's turned out great and he really liked it, D's just looks like a blob, and she was not having fun!! It was time to go inside when D's mitten fell off and she got too cold. Trust me, she let us know!

Getting ready to go out!

First time on the sled

Hold on tight!

Picking up snow for Frosty

The making of Frosty


Look ma, no hands!

L's snow angel

D's snow blob


~Gretchen~ said...

im cold just looking at you!

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