Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rain gutter Regatta 2015

It is the fall season again, so in the Cub Scout world that means... Rain gutter Regatta! Both kids wanted to race yet again this year, and went with animal themed boats. And once again they did all the work themselves, from sanding, design, paint, and sails.

For the last 2 years, our den only had 2 boys race which meant L was automatically bumped into the top 10 finals. Well this year we have added 2 new boys to our den alone, and they were amazing competition! L was picked to be an example of how to race at the start of the meeting. Our Pack has basically doubled this year, so we have many boys that have never done this before.

And after every leg of the race, the boys are encouraged to show good sportsmanship by shaking hands and congratulating each other on a job well done.
After our den was done, because it is so small compared to many others, we had the siblings race. This is the Pixie race, but brothers or sisters of any age can compete. With such a huge range in ages, it can often be difficult to match up.

D was very excited to come in 2nd place this year, while L came in 4th in his den. He was disappointed of course, but a great sport to the rest of the boys.

We ended the night with snacks, awards, and a den was awarded the spirit stick. The spirit stick was given to the Tiger Cubs for showing amazing sportsmanship. And you can see in this picture the very neat captain's ship wheel that Adam made for the race. It was very cool, and was able to turn and everything!


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