Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Beach Day

One weekend mid-October, we were heading back to my hometown for my nephew's 2nd birthday party. We were about half-way there when I got a text from my brother that he wasn't home from work yet, and to take our time. Well, quick thinking while I was driving got us off the toll road, and I headed up to the Lake Michigan Dunes area. The kids had not been to this part of the lake in some time now, and I had wonderful memories of going to this exact beach as a kid, so we headed there. When Adam and I used to live in Valpo, we would often head here to have a quick picnic dinner after work and just relax. Kemil Road Beach is one of my all time favorite beaches to go to. They have a parking lot just across the street from the beach, a clean bathroom, and stairs leading down. It is always the cleanest beach!

I figured our quick stop would be perfect for a bathroom break, a few pictures, and a chance to reconnect with the water. We ended up walking all the way down to the water because it was such an amazing day.

These two, I swear, are often times our own little mini-me companions! They are even standing just like Adam and I here!

D is getting really great at taking pictures of us with my phone. Thankfully now, we are able to have more of just the 2 of us again.

Everything was just amazing that day. The sky, the water, the sand, all the colors, and the warm sun!

Something that I have always felt a connection to, were the Chicago World's Fair houses that were moved to this beach. Growing up I sadly watch them mostly fall to disrepair. But a few years ago, they started to be rehabbed, and they look amazing. I even studied the history in college for a few years. I happily shared their history with the kids, who thought it was really neat, but mostly just humored me.

It was the perfect day for a quick stop.


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