Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Party

The Friday evening before Halloween, my best friend and I decided to throw a kid Halloween Party. Things that week didn't go exactly how we had planned, but we all still had a great time! It ended up being rather chilly that night, but wasn't too bad until the sun went down.  We set up tables with the food: simple taco bar, nachos, jello brain, veggie tray, pretzels, apples and caramel, and of course cookies and cupcakes.

A quick game a catch/football before all the fun begins.

There was a table set out with rings, and tattoos for the kids to put on (with a small bowl holding a little water and damp paper towels to put them on with). We also had a jar filled with candy and a guessing game set up. Whoever got the closest kept the jar of candy. Funny enough, 1st and 2nd place were twins, so their family lucked out.

Our first big game was a minute to win it type game. We had the kids split into pairs. Each kid got a paper straw, a plastic cup, and a pile of mini marshmallows in front of them. Using only the straw to suck up the marshmallows, they had to see how many they could get in their cup in just 1 minute. Once the first group went, the second group had to try to beat their partner's score. We did have 1 team tie, so it was a head to head match. The kids happily ate the marshmallows while they counted.

Our 2nd big game was super fun! Since we had kids of a big range, we had the 4th graders and older line up, and then 3rd grades and younger line up. A parent held one end of a ribbon strung with glazed donuts, and the kids had to eat the donut without using hands. Many of the donuts fell to the ground, and were gobbled up by the kids regardless of if there was grass stuck to it or not.

And our last game was tons of fun! My friend had picked up 2 bales of hay, and we had been collecting bags of candy for a few weeks. We threw down 1 bake of hay, then topped it with all the candy and goodies, then spread the 2nd bale of hay over it, hiding all the candy. (All candy was wrapped of course). Each kid was given a paper lunch bag with their name on it. We let the kindergartners go first, we didn't want the big kids to accidentally hurt them. The kids had 1 minute to find as much candy they could and put it in their bags. Once the kindergartners went, we let the bigger kids go. We did have 2 littler ones that saw what the kids were doing and wanted to try too. So after the big kids minute was up, we let the littles have at it. They were so happy with just a few pieces (the big kids uncovered tons of candy making it even easier for the littles), that it didn't take long. We then let any kid that wanted to, back in to find all the rest of the candy that was left. Each kid went home with a handful of candy and a bag with cookies. I think it all went over pretty well!


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