Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet

As I have said, this past month has been all scouting all the time! We had the Pinewood Derby, coupon book fundraiser, scouting for food, and then the Blue and Gold banquet.  This year the scouting for food, and Blue and Gold banquet fell on the same week. So Wed afternoon, we headed out to put wrapped up bags and a note on people's door handles. Having only 2 boys in our den makes this a little harder than most dens have it. We often employ siblings to help us out. This year we were thrilled when the temps soared into the 60's and we had to jump over giant puddles as opposed to temps in the 20's, giant snow piles, and it actually snowing while out. For 2 1/2 hours we walked around passing out the bags.

Friday night we all got together at the church to decorate for the Blue and Gold banquet. This year's theme was Under the Sea and once again Adam was in charge of the decorations. He and our den leader always work really well together, and get a game plan going. Both families get along fantastic as well, so we all worked really well setting it all up.

Saturday morning, both families once again headed out to collect the food from the neighborhood for the scouting for food.

That afternoon was the banquet! Tons of delicious pot-luck dishes, awards for most of the boys, and a chance to be proud of all the accomplishments.

Next up for the scouts: spring camp out to Fair Oaks Farm!

L earned his 1-2-3 go Nova award. How appropriate to receive this on Pi day!!!


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