Monday, October 6, 2014

Rain Gutter Regatta 2014

This is the beginning of our 3rd year in Cub Scouts, and it is time for the Rain Gutter Regatta once again! D even wanted to get in on it this year and made her own boat. Both kids sat down with Adam one day and drew out designs for their boats. Then another day they sat outside and sanded the balsa wood boat parts, and put on the first coat of paint. D decided to base her boat on the Titanic only with bombs on the side. We asked her if she was sure she wanted to base it off of the boat only known for sinking, and she thought it was hilarious. L made his into an eagle themed boat this year. He noticed that the front of it looked a little like a beak and claws. The last day, the kids putting finishing touches on the boat, decorated the sails, and then Adam sprayed them with a clear coat.

The day of the race was here! Luckily just was just a slightly chilly night, and no rain this year, which is always nice. Our tracks are real rain gutters, capped on both ends, filled with water, and 2 set next to each other on a table with 1 table per den. We only have 3 boys in our den this year, so our race went quickly.

Then it was time for the pixie race, this is the race for any of the siblings of the Scouts. Most are little sisters, but we have one little brother that can't wait to be a Scout as well. D and this boy are great friends, and always race against each other. He beat her at the Pinewood Derby, and she beat him in the Regatta race! In fact, D won her race!!!

D was doing such a great job that L decided to start calling her the Unsinkable Molly Brown due to her boat.

L came in 2nd in his den, so he was bumped into the finals. He did a wonderful job in the finals, winning most of his races.
It came down to this race. It was really close, and then he blew to hard, the front of his boat dipped down too far, and the other boy just barely pulled ahead.

He was a very happy kid to get a finalist medal!

D was very happy to get a 1st place ribbon! There is a funny story behind this picture. I had tried to get a nice picture of her with her ribbon and boat, but people kept walking in front of her. It got to the point where we just were laughing about it. One of the dads was watching the whole time, and then did a really funny photo bomb!

Our den getting their ribbons for the den race. These boys were all so proud, excited, and showed amazing sportsmanship!
This is going to be a great year in Scouts, I can just tell!

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