Thursday, October 2, 2014

2nd grade field trip to the Snite

This year at school, the 2nd grade classes got to participate in a wonderful program! They get to take field trips to the Snite Museum of Art at Notre Dame University! We took our first trip last week. The kids were so very excited to ride a bus all the way there.

The museum had put together a video for the kids to watch the day before the trip, and so the kids knew that this sculpture was called The Griffin and were super excited to be standing in front of it. We also took a class photo in front of the museum where most of the kids were giving us their best museum pose.

Our wonderful guide showed us 5 different pieces of art, we got to discuss them, and learn more about the pieces themselves and the artists that created them.

After checking out the art work, we had a fun picnic lunch outside, and let the kids run out some of that energy. We then headed into the workshop to create our own art work. The kids got to make their own version of the art we studied. They were amazed to use watercolor pencils and paint the water on them.

Then back upstairs to begin the writing portion of our trip. Each student got to pick out one of their favorite moments of the day coming up with the beginning, middle, and end of what will become their story of the day.

I LOVED going with them and was so very thankful to be allowed to come along.


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