Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snowmen fun!

Today was the perfect still on break, craft in our pjs kind of day, and what better craft then snowmen crafts!

Project 1:
Snowmen from Above

Supplies needed:
white, brown, orange, and whatever color for background and scarf construction paper
glue stick
black marker

I had cut the shapes out prior to use starting the craft. For the large white circle, I traced a salad plate. For the middle white circle, I traced a small bowl. And for the other circles I used a circle template back from my design school days. The scarf is actually a full circle slightly smaller than the head circle, with a rectangle sticking out. I had the kids glue down each layer one at a time. When they were all finished, they used the black marker to add coal eyes, buttons, and lines to the carrot. Very cute!

This project was inspired by this post on Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists

Project 2:
Q-tip painted Snowmen snow globes

Supplies needed:
white, black, brown, orange, and red washable paint
paper plate
blue construction paper

I had the blue circle pre-cut prior to the craft, and once again, I used a salad plate to trace. I squeezed a dollop of each paint onto the paper plate (this makes for easy clean up). I also got out tons of q-tips. They used a new one for each color. I set out a sheet of paper towel so we had somewhere to set our dirty q-tips. I explained to the kids that we were dotting the paint on with the q-tips. They both started to smear and wipe the paint, but corrected themselves quickly. L did complain at the beginning that it would take too long. But once he got the hang of it, he had a ton of fun.

This project was inspired by this picture on Flickr.


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