Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Advent Calendar

Our December was crazy busy! On top of the normal holiday buzz, we saw Adam have his first week long buisness trip, and everyone get very sick. No fun on the sick part, let me tell you! I was the last one to get it, and it hit me worse than the rest. Luckily we were all pretty much back to normal just in time for Christmas.

Some of the fun things we did this year on our advent calendar were reading holiday stories, watching all our favorite holiday movies, crafts, doing good deeds, making snowflakes, seeing the Nutcracker, our annual trip to Chicago, seeing lights, making cookies, putting the tree up, and so much more!

The good deeds that we did were putting a ton of quarters in the carts at Aldi, buying lunch for the car behind us at McDonalds, reading to D's class and bringing in cookies, bringing in cookies to surprise L's class, handing out suckers to kids at the store (with parent permission first of course), and trying to hand out flowers to people coming in at the airport. The flowers at the airport did not work as we had hoped. People ignored the kids, said no, or just ran away from them. Shocking! So we saved them and gave them to Adam and his boos when they returned home from their trip.

 You can see these ladies running from poor D.
 Handing out suckers to kids
 How could you say no to this face?
Happy to have Daddy back!
 Where we got to see the Nutcracker ballet. It was the first time seeing it live for both kids, and they loved it!
 Making classic spritz cookies
 Seeing Cloudgate (The Bean) on our trip to Chicago

 D eating a banana and Nutella crepe at the German village in Chicago
 I had to have some potato pancakes!

 Christmas at the inlaws house. Always a great time!

The tree after Santa had visited
 L and Adam checking out the microscope L got.
 My mom had gotten us a Wii and a bunch of games. It has been a huge hit, here L is dancing away to Just Dance Disney!

D asked for a makeup kit from Santa and he brought her this great Barbie set.

And that silly Santa brought mustaches in stockings. They sure do make for some fun pictures!


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