Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School party

I hosted a fun back to school party this year especially since both my kids will be going to school. I put together a fun little gift for each kid going back. I folded a piece of lined paper into a pouch, and stuck a mini notebook, pencil, erasers, bookmark, and stamper in each one. We read some fun storied, and made school buses! I even made a crayon cake that I found on Pinterest.

Supplies needed for school bus craft:
blue, yellow, black, and white paper
glue stick

I drew out a bus shape and cut it out of the yellow paper for the kids. Have them glue the bus shape down. Cut circles out of the black and white paper. Glue the black circles for wheels, and the while circles for people faces in the windows. Then let the kids decorate the people, bus, and background with the markers.

Check out our party from a past year! 2010


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