Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Garden

Adam had asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's day, and I said, "Work in our garden!" We finally have a garden this year, and the plot is on Notre Dame's campus. We were some of the lucky few to get into the garden plots this year, and we had felt bad about not getting out to work the garden at that point yet. The kids had gotten Adam plants for his birthday, plus we had started some from seeds, but they were all cluttering up our small back porch at the apartment. Luckily we had great warm weather to get to work. When we arrived our plot was over grown with grass, covered in straw and cardboard boxes. We thought it was going to take us forever to get it cleaned up, but set right to work. There are tons of tools in a shed for us to use, so we loaded up a wheelbarrow and cleaned it up. It actually didn't take as long as we originally thought it would.

The kids helped load 3 wheelbarrows full of fresh top soil to cover the ground again.

Once we got the ground back into shape, the kids helped us plant all our plants! L is helping to plant one of the tomato plants he got Adam.

 D had to get in on the planting action as well. Here with some marigolds in the middle to break up some of the veggies.

We also planted some broccoli and carrots that the Easter bunny had brought the kids in their baskets that we started from seeds. 

Our finished work after the first day. We also planted peas and made a kind of climbing triangle out of branches we found on site. I think it turned out amazing. 


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