Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lakeshore Learning: Animals Match-Ups

Our good friends at Lakeshore Learning sent us a wonderful package with some great educational supplies in it to help with summer learning! Thank you! I have wanted to get these out sooner, but life has been busy with parties, and typical end of school events. School doesn't let out until June 5th, but this past Saturday we had attended a hot, sugar filled, fun friend's birthday party, so I figured this was a great way to cool down in the a/c and calm down with relaxing learning fun! This great set of puzzle cards is the Animals Match-Ups set. This is only $12.95 and says for ages 7-8. Now my kids are almost 5 and 6, but I knew they would really get this. Between L's school, watching Dinosaur Train, and many many trips to the zoo, they were already familiar with all the words in the set. The set comes with 12 three piece puzzle groups. Each one has a large animal picture card, a word card, and a definition card.

I opened up the box and separated into 3 piles, and then spread them out so the kids could see each card. D does not read yet, and L is still in the very early stages (plus they were all hyped up on fun still), so I read the definition cards to them. I had each kid take turns picking out a picture card, and then we picked the word card, and I read out numerous definition cards until they picked out the correct ones. Even though they know all the words, they sometimes had trouble picking the right ones. I think this is great, because it means that we can get so much more use out of these! Plus I am hoping that by the end of the summer, L will be able to read them all by himself. D on the other hand, picked up right away how to look at the puzzle parts to figure out which card goes to which set.

The kids and I all had a great time with these cards, and we can't wait to play again. I have actually started to keep them on the coffee table, so that way the kids can play with it whenever they like! Interested in getting this for yourself? Check out the Lakeshore Learning website, and don't forget to use our special coupon! The coupon is a Buy one get one 50% off and it expires on June 29th!

This post was brought to you by Lakeshore Learning. I was not paid, but was given free product for this review.


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